About Daily Deal Scams

Daily Deal Scams is a site dedicated to Daily Deal Consumer Complaints.  Daily Deals, also called “Group Buying” or “Collective Buying” uses the power of the crowd to drive down the cost or price of a product you would typically buy or use every day.

In the last two years, this has become one of the most explosive businesses on the internet, with companies like Groupon and LivingSocial leading the way, expanding in cities across the world.  As with anything that is explosive and based on a lot of volume, complaints have started to fill the cybernet forums and chat rooms.  Complaints about deals, complaints about the merchants and businesses that the Daily Deal sites are sending consumers to.

Our goal is to provide an objective forum that focuses on the complaints and scams that go around in this new business model, with the goal of alerting daily deal companies and helping them hear the voice of the customer.

This forum is NOT a tool to bash or slander people, but a forum for the collective voice of the customers to be heard and addressed.  We look forward to your feedback and interacting with you in our forum.

Daily Deal Scams

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